My gamelist

This was originally intended for a curated list of games I was looking forward to. A simple list with links. Instead I will explain.

Note: this list is not being maintained as much as I would like.

Currently entertaining

No Man's Sky - Very enjoyable game. I don't really understand the critics.

GTA Online - A fun game I play with my mates.

The Division - Very enjoyable modern take on roleplaying games.

Upcoming games

Mass Effect: Andromeda - I know it's out. I just haven't gotten around to buying it.

Survive The Nights


Games due to a re-visit

The Witcher 3 - I have never tried #TheWitcher games before, until I saw the reviews for the third and final installment. I had the second one on, and the 3rd is epic.

Stranded Deep - Always intriguing to see how it develops.

Fallout 4 - Very enjoyable... still, after 200 hours of gameplay.

Unturned - Will re-visit this, when maps aren't reset when an update is applied.