My Cloud

What, and why?

For some time it had been bothering me, how data uploaded in the Microsoft or Google cloud, is apparently the playground for both the providers and NSA and the likes. I have a profound belief that my data, is my data. Therefore, I started looking into solutions that would work for me

So what were the challenges?

At the initial phase, I found out, that I had data scattered all over the place. I had most of my stuff located on OneDrive. Then I had stuff relevant for my phone on Google Drive. Work documents were on Dropbox. My notes were hosted on OneDrive by OneNote.

Phase 1:

I started with testing self-hosted solutions to file syncing services. After some time, I found that Seafile suited my needs perfectly. After an initial test period of around a month, I found it extremely stable. Never once did I have to do maintenance.

Setup: Raspberry Pi 2, running Fedora 2x500GB attached in a RAID1 configuration.

Phase 2:

Seing as I was starting to take more and more services from "free" providers, I thought I needed more professional equipment. I picked up an HPE Microserver Gen8 rather cheap. It is fitted with a Celeron G1610T and 4GB RAM. Since it obviously didn't come with drives, I thought I would pick up some WD Red drives to run in RAID. For the system, I chose the at the time brand new WD Green SSD 120GB.

The biggest problem I have faced was the onboard RAID controller on the Gen8. No matter what I have tried, it did not want to play ball. So, in the end, I ended up with a LVM mirror configuration for the 2 WD Red drives. It is not how I wanted it, but apart from buying a seperate RAID controller, I can't see my way out of it.

To be completed. IE. Not done.